• What the commercial claims: guaranteed to remove your skin tags without pain or simply return the bottle for a full refund of the purchase price
  • What some people might think that means: If it doesn’t work I will get back all of the money that I paid.
  • What it really means: The wording is “full refund of the purchase price”, which is $19.95 and does not include the $9.95 processing and handling fees.  You must also pay the price to ship return the unused bottles.

This commercial uses before & after pictures that are not actual product-use results, references to homeopathy and homeopathic organizations, and other deceptive wording that many people would consider to be extremely deceptive.  It is also important to note that when purchasing Tag Away, you are also entering into a legally binding arbitration agreement which may limit your legal options such as being able to sue the company in a court of law. Many people may find being forced into a legal agreement to purchase Tag Away a tell-tale sign of the company’s faith in it’s own product.

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