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Picture of glasses like Zoomies

Zoomies TV Commercial

Has technology really advanced so far that we can shrink a high quality pair of binoculars down to the size of a pair of glasses, and get them for only $10? Sound too good to be true? Read our review of the Zoomies TV commercial and find out!

Side Socket electric plug

Side Socket Commercial Review

Save space and make your rooms bigger, protect your electronic equipment and get two Side Sockets that are as good as $100 power strips for only $10? Is all of that too good to be true? We break it down for you in this review of the Side Socket TV commercial. We review the commercial, not the product!

Cellphone holder with an iPhone

GripGo Cellphone Mount Commercial

The GripGo claims to be a safe way to mount and talk on your cellphone while driving. In our review of the latest GripGo TV commercial we look deeper into what they really say, and what you might think it means.