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Photo of Becky O'Donohue

Becky O’Donohue

Becky O’Donohue, the twin-sister of Jessie O’Donohue is originally from Boston, MA and became well known after her appearance on American Idol in 2006.  Becky has appeared on TV shows such as Fear Factor, House, Big Bang Theory, Lying For A Living, and CSI.  She has also been in several movies including Scrambled and Don […]

Amy Paffrath

Amy Paffrath (Amy Seeley) is an actress, director, producer, and more!  Originally from Missouri, Amy has made multiple TV appearances on shows like 2 Broke Girls, Jersey Shore, and The Flip Side.  Amy will also appear in the film “Freshwater” when released.  Many people know Amy for her portrayal of “Amy, the Kindle Fire Mayday […]